WHITEPAPER – Solving the battery cell-to-cell variations conundrum for energy storage systems

Nov 30, 2023 | Whitepaper

Brill Power publishes whitepaper on “Solving the battery cell-to-cell variations conundrum for energy storage systems”

Oxford, 30th November 2023 – Operators of stationary energy storage meet many challenges to extract as much energy as possible from their battery management systems (BMS) and therefore maximise profitability. Performance is not just impacted by different types of lithium-ion cells or the use of different chemistries, shapes or manufacturers, it also relies very heavily on how battery cells thought to be identical behave. As it turns out, all identical cells can discharge at different rates and produce energy at different paces creating a wide range of issues on performance and longevity of the system.

Brill Power’s technology BrillCore solves this issue with its advanced battery management system by taking control of each individual cell or small group of cells using its patented active loading technology. By compensating for the weakest link in a battery pack, BrillCore enables the battery pack to deliver energy consistently and safely.

Read our whitepaper “Solving the battery cell-to-cell variations conundrum for energy storage systems” to dive deeper into how Brill Power’s pioneering technology optimises the value and performance of your battery packs, thus improving your whole energy storage system’s worth.

Authors: Jorn Reiners, Christoph Birkl and Adrien Bizeray


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