Industry Benefits

Our Battery Intelligence Platform designed for Stationary Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles.

The Battery Intelligence Platform is scalable and customisable for different industries and requirements. Work with Brill Power’s full platform, or utilise the benefits of one or more of its core technologies to optimise management of your battery energy.

Battery Intelligence Platform

Benefits by Industry

Stationary Storage

Transforming energy storage

Battery energy storage is key for the future of clean energy. Our Battery Intelligence Platform helps overcome key challenges within this market, which is currently limited by battery lifetime. The Battery Intelligence Platform provides a unique way to extend battery lifetime without compromising performance or safety.

Electric Vehicles

Transforming the industry through battery intelligence

Our Battery Intelligence Platform provides a unique proposition for the Electric Vehicles market, enabling intelligent management of batteries to create real commercial opportunities. BrillCore provides up to 60% longer battery lifetime through the patented active loading system, which creates lower cost of ownership ultimately to the end user. The BrillOS works with any chemistry and is fully configurable and customisable. BrillAnalytics gives you seamless, end-to-end data access.