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Battery analytics is vitally important to enable operators and owners of energy storage systems and electric vehicles to operate reliably, safely and to maximise performance of assets. With the increasing size and complexity of battery energy storage systems, the quantity of battery data available has grown exponentially, and it is becoming more important to implement tools to deliver meaningful insights from this data.

BrillAnalytics goes beyond simply monitoring batteries, it delivers insights to enable owners and operators to maximise the performance of systems, reduce downtime, measure system usage against key warranty criteria and deliver greater financial returns.

Our cloud-based battery monitoring and optimisation system delivers real-time battery health and performance monitoring. The technology offers end-to-end connectivity delivering low-level, high accuracy data and insights from cell to screen.

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A fast and reliable battery asset portfolio monitoring platform, enabling users to monitor the status of their portfolio and improve ROI through error flagging and battery performance assessments.


Actionable insights into the current and future health of battery systems, enabling users to make informed decisions on system usage strategy, improve safety and reduce the risk of failure.


Maximise the return on investment of battery systems through cloud enhanced control strategies and insight driven notifications on cell-to-system performance.

Key Features & Benefits


Cloud-based SoC/SoH

Maximises usable capacity

Predictive failure flagging

Enabling preventative maintenance


RUL forecasts

Informing future system usage patterns

Independent assessment of system performance vs warranty

Insight-driven error notifications

System and portfolio performance overview

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