We make batteries perform better, live longer, cost less and be more  sustainable.

Brill Power’s Battery Intelligence Platform brings transformational advances in longevity, performance, cost and sustainability to electric vehicles and stationary energy storage.

Battery Intelligence Platform

Our Battery Intelligence Platform combines battery and power management, edge computing and data analytics to replace legacy battery management systems and power conversion technology to unlock the full potential of batteries.


Up to 46% improved performance


Up to 60% longer battery life


Up to 30% lower lifetime costs


Up to 50% lower emissions

Our Battery Intelligence Platform, the ultimate end-to-end solution

Replacing legacy battery management systems and power conversion technology.

Battery Management+

Step-change improvements in battery lifetime, performance and safety.

Universal Operating System

The world’s first future-proof, hardware-agnostic Operating System for batteries.

Connected Intelligence

Delivers end-to-end data and insights for safe and optimal battery use.

Work with Brill Power’s whole platform to fully benefit from an end-to-end solution and optimise management of your battery energy.

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Newsletter June 2024

Newsletter June 2024

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Brill by name and by nature

Brill by name and by nature

Solving the conundrum of uncertain battery life span of batteries for owners and operators of Battery Energy Storage through innovative battery controls, Brill Power is a prime example of how the expertise coming out of the university can be a powerful actor in the race to decarbonisation.


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