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Create better batteries
with Brill Power’s game-changing battery management system (BMS) solution
Create better batteries
with Brill Power’s game-changing battery management system (BMS) solution

The Brill Power BMS can offer you:

  • Up to 60% longer battery lifetime

  • Lower lifetime cost

  • Improved safety

  • Improved thermal management

  • Faster charge rates

  • Enables 2nd life battery applications

  • Up to 46% more energy from used batteries

  • Reduction of hazardous lithium-ion battery waste

Brill Power
Brill Power
 At Brill Power we develop intelligent battery management and control technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles. Our product is a game-changing combination of hardware and software that optimizes the use of lithium-ion cells within a battery pack. The BrillMS system not only gets the most from a battery pack system but also delivers key safety and sustainability benefits.

The fundamental issue with Lithium-ion battery cells is that they lose their energy and power capabilities over time and at different rates.  Standard battery designs result in battery packs being limited by their weakest cell. This wastes the potential of fully functioning cells within a pack. Resulting in shorter lifespans and reduced performance for battery packs in all applications. Our technology ensures packs are not limited by their weakest cell, meaning we can take full advantage of the resources we have available in technology industries are already using. 

Due to standard designs, approximately 50% of lithium-ion cells are thrown away with an estimated 50% of their capacity remaining. This is a product that can be a challenge to both source and recycle. Brill Power technology works to ensure battery cells are used to their full potential. Working cells no longer go to landfill, we reduce waste, and reduce the demand for new resources, whilst helping consumers get the most from their energy solutions.



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Brill Power, an Oxford University spin-out company, today launched the first in a new class of ‘intelligent’ battery management systems that are set to revolutionise the performance of stationary energy storage systems to power the future of homes and businesses globally.

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DNV verifies Brill Power’s new battery management system technology

Unique testing on real battery cells, demonstrates the importance of qualifying the safety and performance of new technology

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Brill Power at Battery Show Digital Days 2021

Last week, and ahead of the physical event later this year, Brill Power took part in the Battery Show Digital Days as part of the UK Pavilion.

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Brill Power at Cleantech Venture Day

Carolyn Hicks, our co-founder and CFO/COO pitched at Cleantech Venture day earlier this week.

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