The Battery Intelligence Platform: Transforming stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.

Brill Power’s Battery Intelligence Platform brings transformational advances in longevity, performance, cost and sustainability to electric vehicles and stationary energy storage.

Our Battery Intelligence Platform

Comprised of three technologies


The BrillCore utilizes the patented active loading technology to enable benefits such as up to 60% longer battery lifetime, up to 46% more energy from aged batteries, faster charging rates, and improved safety. It is scalable to any system and integrates DC/DC conversion.

Battery Management+

Step-change improvements in battery lifetime, performance and safety.


BrillOS is the world’s first future-proof, highly portable, chemistry-agnostic Operating System for batteries, with high precision monitoring algorithms, customizable settings, and over-the-air updates.

Universal Operating System

The world’s first future-proof,

hardware-agnostic Operating System

for batteries.


BrillAnalytics delivers end-to-end data and insights for safe and optimal battery use.

Connected Intelligence

BrillAnalytics delivers end-to-end data and insights for safe and optimal battery use, with predictive analytics and a flexible interface.


How does BrillCore compare

To a conventional BMS

Unique Capabilities

Cell Balancing

Our unique patented active loading technology creates maximal lifetime, performance, and reliability.

Battery Protection

Proactive protection using active loading, with module-level protection.


High-resolution sensor data, SOC, SOH, and SOF with end-to-end monitoring via our analytics platform.

Power Conversion

The BrillCore includes a fully integrated DC/ DC converter.