Optimising the lifetime and management of batteries is critical for the electric vehicle market.

Battery for electric vehicles
Battery Intelligence
Benefits for EVs

Up to 60% longer lifetime


Up to 30% lower cost of ownership


To any system size


Improved Safety and Monitoring

Bringing down EV costs


BrillCore Benefits

With the unique patented proposition battery lifetime is not limited by the weakest cell. This provides significant increase in lifetime, up to 60%, which can become a huge commercial benefit for end users and car manufacturers. The Battery Intelligence Platform BrillCore technology provides a different level of battery management, giving OEMs a clear advantage in the market as well as providing positive sustainability benefits to their products.

BrillOS Benefits

This Universal Operating System, provides far more detailed management of the battery, enabling better safety and performance outcomes.

BrillAnalytics Benefits

With the unique Connected Intelligence of the BrillAnalytics technology, electric vehicle manufacturers can provide much better guarantees of battery life, and actively monitor and test battery life through this end-to-end solution.