Brill Power brings together world-class leaders in Battery Intelligence.

Brill Power brings together a unique team of world-class experts in battery and power management, edge computing, and data analytics, to work on its market leading Battery Intelligence Platform.

Created in Oxford

Our story

Established in 2016, Brill Power is a founder-run start-up with roots in the Engineering Department at the University of Oxford. Our first product for the stationary storage market launched in 2021 and we are expanding into new markets such as electric vehicles.

Brill Power successfully achieved a Series A round raising of $10.5m in 2022 to support their mission to make batteries smarter, cleaner, safer and longer-lasting as a critical element of the shift to zero emissions energy. The funding supports team growth and new product development to expand presence in both static energy storage and the automotive sectors.

The round was led by two new blue-chip investors – Legal & General Capital and Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital Programme and supported by all of Brill’s existing investors including Oxford Science Enterprises, Oxford Investment Consultants and Oxford University. Shell Ventures and Climate KIC have also become shareholders.


Born and based


Multiple national and international


Growing team


Ever Battery Intelligence Platform


Key Features & Benefits


Unique Patented Technology

Built by experts in their fields of battery energy, power electronics and software analytics, the Brill Power Battery Intelligence Platform offers a unique patented proposition to the market, transforming the use of electric vehicles and stationary storage.

Optimal safety and performance

Our unique technologies create better battery performance over time and with optimal safety.

Improved economics

Our technology provides lower total cost of ownership, through optimising battery lifetime, or can provide shorter payback time for different industries.

Connected Intelligence

The only provider of battery intelligence to offer BMS hardware, firmware and analytics solutions, the only all in one, end to end solution.

Flexible and scalable

Our solution is flexible, customisable and scalable delivering lifetime performance and is augmentation-ready


Insights and Articles

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

At Brill Power, co-founder Carolyn Hicks who also acts as CFO and COO of the company, flies the flag to recruit more and more women in engineering.

The Women’s Engineering Society launched International Women in Engineering Day ten years ago to promote the work of women engineers around the world.

Newsletter June 2024

Newsletter June 2024

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