Battery energy storage is key for the future of clean energy.

Stationary energy storage
Battery Intelligence
Benefits for Stationary Storage

Up to 60% longer lifetime


Up to 29% lower system Capex


To any system size


Up to 50% lower emissions

Transforming energy storage

BrillCore Benefits

The BrillCore utilises the patented active loading technology to increase lifetime of the batteries.  It utilises all available energy stored across the battery cells.  The greater the cell-to-cell variance, the greater the benefit. This “BMS+” will create significantly improved project economics, reducing the need for battery replacement or oversizing of facilities.

BrillOS Benefits

The world’s first future proof hardware-agnostic Operating System for batteries provides significant benefits to the Stationary Storage market. Portable Firmware platform relieves supplier dependencies, OTA updates provide latest features and improvements. The firmware is customisable and chemistry agnostic.

BrillAnalytics Benefits

Delivering end-to-end insights for safe and optimal use, BrillAnalytics provides Connected Intelligence to the Platform.  With a flexible interface to match user requirements, cloud connectivity with real-time data access and full API integration, this is a integral part of the Battery Intelligence Platform.

Scalable to any system

The Brill Power BMS is ideal for stationary energy storage solutions. It offers lower system and lifetime costs as well as improved safety and simpler system integration. Our technology is scalable to work across numerous stationary storage applications including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Grid scale
  • Off-grid