Newsletter April 2024

It’s been a busy April, find out what we’ve been up to!

It’s been a busy month at Brill Power where our BESA BP6X1 has gone through rigorous testing and is beginning shipments to customers.

To get the most out of our Battery Management System+, we are also thrilled to be launching our three cloud-based products from the BrillAnalytics range.

BrillAnalytics delivers key insights into the operating performance of BESS systems incorporating a Brill Power BMS or a third-party system. Discover Brill Analytics Monitor, Health and Performance, and unleash the power of your BESS to increase profitability.

In case you’ve missed it, please find in this newsletter access to our poster titled ‘How random cell-to-cell variation and deterministic pack effects determine pack capacities’. It was presented at the Oxford Battery Modelling Symposium earlier this month.

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Brill Power Newsletter April 2024