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Aug 31, 2023 | News

Carolyn Hicks, our CFO and co-founder speaks to Katherine Morgan on the Disruptive podcast by Barclays Eagle Labs about scaling a business with the potential to disrupt an industry 

31st August 2023, Oxford, UK – In this episode of Barclays Eagle Labs podcast, Disruptive, Carolyn Hicks, our co-founder, CFO, and COO joins Katherine Morgan and dives into the story of our innovative business and explains how a trip to California might have been the ignition of Brill Power and its purpose to revolutionise the energy industry.

Formed in 2016, Brill Power is founder-run and has roots in the engineering department at the University of Oxford. Brill Power’s Battery Intelligence Platform is positioned to bring transformational advances in longevity, performance, cost, and sustainability to electric vehicles and stationary energy storage.

Carolyn shares her journey growing the business, her aspirations to disrupt an industry, her experiences as a female founder, and her approach to scaling Brill Power while developing new technology.

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Disruptive is a dynamic fortnightly podcast designed to empower business founders and entrepreneurs. Hosted by Katherine Morgan, Head of Barclays High Growth and Entrepreneurs, it’s the gateway to valuable insights and practical knowledge to fuel the growth of any venture.

Each episode of Disruptive dives deep into the realms of business strategy, emerging trends, technology, and the high and lows of building a business – offering a wealth of content tailored to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. Aimed at aspiring start-up founders and seasoned entrepreneurs seeking fresh perspectives, Disruptive delivers thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders, expert advice and actionable strategies. Tune in every two weeks as the podcast discusses the tools and inspiration to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and unlock your potential for growth and success.

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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

At Brill Power, co-founder Carolyn Hicks who also acts as CFO and COO of the company, flies the flag to recruit more and more women in engineering.

The Women’s Engineering Society launched International Women in Engineering Day ten years ago to promote the work of women engineers around the world.