Royal Commission Backs UK Industry and Innovation to Invigorate British Research and Development


Our team continues to do great things! Our very own, Joe Ross, has been selected as one of this year’s innovators by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 for their Industrial Fellowship.  Over the next few years, Joe will be conducting research at the University of Oxford in Engineering Science to ‘Unlock the future of energy storage for a sustainable tomorrow’.

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Joe joins nine other recipients of the prestigious Industrial Fellowship awards for 2022.

We are excited to be Joe’s Industrial supervisor, as we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge in battery management systems. We look forward to supporting him in every way we can to further innovate for a sustainable tomorrow.

Joe graduated from Queen’s University in Ontario Canada with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences majoring in Electric Engineering, and made the Dean’s Honour List in 2017. Joe has worked as an Electronics Engineer at Brill Power since 2019 on hardware development for power electronics converter.

About the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 offers major awards to scientists and engineers for research, development and design. First established to stage the Great Exhibition in 1851, the Royal Commission’s extraordinary history is founded on an inspired vision of the importance of education to economic success. It has previously funded luminaries such as Nobel laureates Professor Peter Higgs, Sir James Chadwick and Paul Dirac.