Revolutionising battery performance

Jun 17, 2024 | News, Whitepaper

The power of cloud battery management

The demand for efficient energy storage solutions has become paramount due to the pressing need for renewable energy integration, electrification of transportation, grid stability, demand-side management, decentralisation, and sustainability objectives.

In this context, Brill Power offers a groundbreaking approach to address the limitations of conventional battery management systems (BMS).

Dive into the promises of cloud-enhanced battery management systems and discover BMS alone isn’t enough without the cloud, and how our synergistic solutions can help you turn data into actionable insights.

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Whitepaper - Revolutionising battery performance


Insights and Articles

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

At Brill Power, co-founder Carolyn Hicks who also acts as CFO and COO of the company, flies the flag to recruit more and more women in engineering.

The Women’s Engineering Society launched International Women in Engineering Day ten years ago to promote the work of women engineers around the world.

Brill by name and by nature

Brill by name and by nature

Solving the conundrum of uncertain battery life span of batteries for owners and operators of Battery Energy Storage through innovative battery controls, Brill Power is a prime example of how the expertise coming out of the university can be a powerful actor in the race to decarbonisation.