Introducing our Battery Intelligence platform set to transform large-scale energy storage. Join us for the reveal at the Battery Show 2023!

May 19, 2023 | Events

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for stationary energy solutions, but their current lifespan falls short of the required longevity for large-scale energy storage systems (ESS) that typically last over 20 years.

To overcome this challenge, ESS often needs to be oversized or augmented over time, resulting in inefficiency, waste, complexity and high costs, which hamper the feasibility of large-scale energy storage.

At The Battery Show, our CEO and co-founder Christoph Birkl, will unveil Brill Power’s innovative solution. Our new platform is set to transform energy storage by empowering batteries to become the intelligent core of an energy system.

Don’t miss Christoph’s Battery Show presentation on May 24th at 16:20, Track A, where he will introduce our game-changing concept and explain how it has the power to make utility-scale energy storage systems more sustainable and cost-effective.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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